California Slaps Small-Business Investors with Back Taxes


California Slaps Small-Business Investors by eliminating retroactively a popular tax break.

Just as California Governor Jerry Brown is fending off attacks from Texas Governor Rick Perry, who’s luring California companies to Texas, the Franchise Tax Board has dealt a serious blow to small-business investors. For two decades, California has offered a significant tax break on capital gains to people who make money by investing in companies that have less than $50 million in assets and keep at least 80 percent of their payroll and assets in the state. The break cuts the capital gains rate from 9 percent to 4.5 percent.

A recent court ruling invalidates this benefit, claiming that it interfered with interstate commerce. The agency responsible for tax collection, the FTB, has decided that as a result of this ruling they want to collect back taxes from 2,000 investors who took advantage of the tax break since 2009. The total amount they claim is due exceeds $120 million plus interest (yes, they want the interest too).

This sets an extremely dangerous precedent. Eliminating the tax credit retroactively in effects punishes people who made decisions that benefited California. I doubt many of those 2,000 investors will look kindly again on California and may consider other states that are quickly becoming hubs for startups and small-business growth.

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