Millennial employees want to get paid in real time

Timing is everything. This is especially true when it comes to getting paid and paying what you owe. Business owners usually have to contend with payables that are due before receivables arrive. This creates financial and psychological stress as you try to bridge the cash flow gap. Employees also have to deal with this same challenge.  Many times rent, tuition, child support and utility bills are due before pay day arrives. Juggling the financial gap this creates leads to expensive late fees, … [Read more...]

Mike Periu on The Rick Sanchez show

Mike Periu on the Rick Sanchez Show

Mike Periu was recently a guest on The Rick Sanchez Show, a bilingual news program that takes a raw, unfiltered look at current events. To see the episode click here. El programa completo de “Rick Sánchez” emitido el 21 de julio de 2014 en Mira TV ya está disponible en internet. Disfruta de una hora de análisis y entretenimiento de la mano de uno de los periodistas hispanos más reconocidas en la televisión de Estados Unidos. Ahora regresa a la pequeña pantalla y lo hace en español. “Rick … [Read more...]

Mike Periu on MiraTV

Mike Periu on Mira TV

Mike Periu was a guest on MiraTV recently discussing the Microsoft layoffs and the overall state of the economy. Watch the interview below (in Spanish) here. El prestigioso periodista venezolano Napoleón Bravo, en sustitución de María Elvira Salazar, conduce este programa informativo para analizar los últimos acontecimientos noticiosos, tanto en el panorama nacional como en el internacional. Además cuenta con prestigiosos invitados que analizarán estas temáticas. “María Elvira” se emite de … [Read more...]

spending in January can help you save big

Many people want to scale back spending as the new year kicks off; however, spending in January can help you save big on these 4 key expenses. January isn’t just about getting to work on your New Year’s resolutions; it’s also a great time to spend money. While it’s true that “saving more and spending less” is a common way that people try to start the new year, for small-business owners, spending now will likely save more down the road, as many businesses offer significant discounts during … [Read more...]

Jordan Belfort isn’t the only wolf out there

Jordan Belfort isn't the only wolf out there; there are plenty ready to take down small businesses. Protect yourself by understanding 3 of their favorite scams. Martin Scorsese’s blockbuster film The Wolf of Wall Street depicts how a crooked stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, fleeced investors of more than $250 million. As only Hollywood could do, the movie glorifies Belfort's over-the-top lifestyle that's paid for with the stolen funds, and leaves out the story of the victims, many of whom were … [Read more...]