Zeus Malware: The Sneaky Malware Stealing Your Money

Security Threat

An estimated 3.6 million PCs in the U.S. are infected with the Zeus Malware. Be warned: It's one of the sneakiest, most vicious malware programs out there. Small-business owners need to be on high alert for the latest variants of the so-called Zeus Trojan horse. This malware uses sophisticated methods to gain access to your online banking information and deplete your account balance via electronic transactions. While there are numerous pieces of malicious software that can accomplish this, Zeus … [Read more...]

Small Banks Face New Risks in 2013

Bank in trouble

Finance expert Mike Periu on the upcoming profitability challenges small banks will face in 2013. Small banks—those with less than $10 billion in assets—tend to outperform larger banks when it comes to customer service and personal attention. But they also face greater risks in the current economic environment: Quality loan demand is weak; net interest margins - the difference between what a bank pays depositors and what it makes on loans—are low; new regulations increase costs and limit … [Read more...]

As Cash Deposits Hit Record, Lending Stays Flat

Calculator Finance Accounting

Although Cash Deposits Hit Record, in banks are at an all-time high, finance expert Mike Periu explains why lending remains flat. According to the most recent data released by the Federal Reserve, the banking sector in the U.S. is out of balance. For every $1 that banks hold in deposits from consumers and businesses, they try to lend out 95 cents. Right now, the industry is lending about 78 cents for every dollar in deposits. This is happening for several reasons. First, companies (and to a … [Read more...]

Who Do You Trust More: Accountants or Bankers?


Finance expert Mike Periu on a recent survey that reveals whether accountants or bankers are more trusted financial advisors for small-business owners. Small-business owners need expert advice to grow their businesses. When it comes time to make an important strategic or financial decision, who do you turn to for the best advice? Sage Omnibus recently conducted a survey asking 1,000 small-business owners who they confide in for advice. Fifty percent believe that accountants provide the best … [Read more...]

2013 Financial Resolutions for Your Business

Finance expert Mike Periu on the three business Financial Resolutions chief financial officers should make for the coming new year. John Calia, partner at strategic advisory firm SCA Group, recommends three New Year’s financial resolutions for chief financial officers or those running your business’ finances. 1. Hold cash. It's more important than ever to maintain a significant cash position to shield against 2013 uncertainty. European insolvency, Middle East unrest, the fiscal cliff and its … [Read more...]