Mike Periu discussed: Financial Forecast – Strategies for Small Business to Prosper at the Craft & Hobby Association Winter Conference


Financial expert Mike Periu appeared at the Craft & Hobby Association Winter Conference.  Mike is a regular contributor to the Craft & Hobby Associationl. This time he presented:  Financial Forecast – Strategies for Small Business to Prosper.

One of my favorite shows on television is Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs which airs on the Discovery Channel. Mike travels the country putting himself in the shoes of people that perform dirty but necessary jobs—I’ve seen everything from dead crustacean removal to hog rustling. Given the way things are going with the economy lately, I would like to propose they cover the following dirty job:

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State unemployment insurance is an important lifeline for millions of families across the country.  The money to pay for this insurance is provided by employers, and the state governments administer the programs.  Most companies don’t think about state unemployment insurance because they simply outsource the calculation and payment to a third-party provider, typically a payroll processing company.

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