United States Postal Service To End Saturday Delivery

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It’s official–the United States Postal service will eliminate Saturday delivery.

After much speculation, it’s finally official—the USPS will no longer offer first class mail delivery on Saturdays beginning in August. This impacts letters, envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 ounces. This step is part of their fight for survival, which includes reducing costs and eliminating unprofitable services. The USPS expects this decision to save approximately $2 billion per year. The USPS will still deliver packages on Saturday, as this service has shown significant growth over the past three years.

Small-business owners that rely on first class mail to reach existing and new customers will have to revise their strategy to take this decision into account. Consumers receiving mail from your business on Monday afternoon instead of Saturday morning may be less likely to see it and act on it. It’s best to start running tests now to see if mid-week delivery changes how your audience responds so you can find a viable solution before the August cutoff.

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