Investment tracking tools for busy business owners

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The largest and most important investment entrepreneurs can make is the time and money put into their companies. But that shouldn’t be the only investment in their financial lives. Running a business is a risky proposition and the odds of failure are high. If your only source of income and savings is your business and it closes then your entire financial life is ruined and a fresh start could be delayed by years. Most entrepreneurs should complement their risky business with safe investments in … [Read more...]

Pricing complex sales

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Pricing is one of the most challenging decisions that small business owners must make.  It determines revenues and profitability; it communicates value; and ultimately is responsible for the success or failure of a business. Setting a price becomes even more difficult when the company in question is selling something complex that includes both a product and service component. Software that requires upfront integration and ongoing maintenance is a typical example.  These complex sales if priced … [Read more...]

Small business budgeting


Small business budgets come in many formats, types and degrees of complexity. In most cases though they serve three purposes. The first purpose of a budget is to establish performance targets over a specified period of time. Usually a budget plans for revenues and expenditures on a monthly, quarterly, annual and multi-year basis. Company managers and employees can then devise action plans to achieve the targets provided by the budget. The second purpose of a budget is to measure … [Read more...]

Financial analysis and small business health


The financial health of a small business is one of the best indicators of its potential for long-term growth and success. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago recently published the results of its Small Business Financial Health Analysis. The results show that business owners who are knowledgeable about business finance tend to have companies with greater revenues and profits, more employees and generally have more success. The first step towards improving small business financial literacy is … [Read more...]

How to evaluate the Cuba opportunity for small businesses


Since President Obama announced his intention to restore diplomatic relations with the government of Cuba, there has been tremendous speculation regarding the opportunity for U.S. businesses. Much of this speculation assumes that the law codifying the U.S. embargo will be changed and U.S. companies will be permitted to invest. Many analysts have arrived at the conclusion that Cuba represents a lucrative opportunity for U.S. businesses because: There are over 11 million consumers with nearly … [Read more...]