Mike Periu is the creative force behind many innovative products, services and events focused on small business and entrepreneurship

Mike Periu offers professional services through his company Proximo, LLC.  Call us at 1.320.634.6246 for more information or visit our Contact page. Some of the leading brands in the world have hired Mike to help connect them with small business owners and entrepreneurs:

Intuit TurboTax
Frito Lay
Craft & Hobby Association
Shot Tower Capital
Rutgers University
State of New Jersey
New Futuro
Johnson & Johnson
Life Foundation
World Trade Center

Small business expert blogger and author

Mike Periu has been writing and blogginer about small business, small business growth and small business finance for over 10 years. He has published over 1,000 articles and blog posts and produced dozens of web-video programs. If your company is interested in reaching out to small business owners and entrepreneurs contact Mike Periu today.

Small business speaker

Mike Periu is a dynamic speaker available for a wide range of themes and topics related to small business and finance.

He has a proven ability to connect with audiences in both English and Spanish.

Mike specializes in business, economic and financial information. Instead of using “boilerplate” presentations, he takes the time to tailor his presentations, speeches and remarks to the unique needs of the intended audience. This ensures a more relevant, enjoyable and valuable presentation.

mike_periu_speech_keynoteSmall business expert Mike Periu: Exceeding audience expectations through preparation and flexibility

“Over the past 14 years, I have presented at hundreds of events. Many had large audiences with thousands of participants while others were small groups of less than 10 people. While I prepare thoroughly for each presentation, I always stay open to the nuances that are only evident minutes before starting. The tone of the day; the mood of the audience; breaking news; and dozens of other details. I use these details to adapt in real time and present the most dynamic, compelling presentation I can.” -Mike Periu

  • Master of Ceremonies and Keynote address
  • From 30 minute luncheon address to day-long MC duties
  • English, Spanish or bilingual
  • Ability to provide topic and original content or facilitate pre-drafted materials
  • Experience with radio and television broadcast events

Small business workshops and small business training sessions

  • Targeting small business finance, small business growth, entrepreneurship, personal finance, career planning, “intrapreneurship”, current business trends, the Hispanic market, business best practices and more
  • Experience with large company employees, small businesses, public events, non-profit sponsored events, universities, high schools and more

Contact small business expert Mike Periu today.