How to make an extra $5,000 per month

earn 5000 dollars

Most consultants that I meet aren’t expecting to make $10 million per year offering their services. As professionals they want to make a healthy six-figure income. But the constraints on their time – both selling and executing their consulting – make it difficult to scale their businesses. They reach a sales-plateau with little hope of generating more revenues beyond that maximum level. This can lead to frustration and disenchantment; especially if that plateau isn’t enough to support the … [Read more...]

Should a small business barter?


Cash is king but what do you do if your business needs something desperately and can’t afford it? Take a cue from the past and barter your way to what you need. Bartering has existed since the beginning of history, where people exchange goods or services. It predates the existence of money and is still used extensively today with billions of dollars worth of time and products changing hands every week. Should a small business barter to pay for what it wants? Should a small business barter … [Read more...]

Nonbank loans covered on CNN Money


CNN Money recently published an article by Sara Ashley O'Brien (@saraashleyo) that profiles the state of non-bank small business lenders in the country.  Mike Periu was quoted: "Small business owners need to carefully evaluate lending options and understand that not all lenders are created equal," said small business adviser Mike Periu. "It's up to the borrower to do their homework." As the non-bank lending sector continues to grow its more important than ever that small business owners do … [Read more...]

Mike Periu on The Rick Sanchez show

Mike Periu on the Rick Sanchez Show

Mike Periu was recently a guest on The Rick Sanchez Show, a bilingual news program that takes a raw, unfiltered look at current events. To see the episode click here. El programa completo de “Rick Sánchez” emitido el 21 de julio de 2014 en Mira TV ya está disponible en internet. Disfruta de una hora de análisis y entretenimiento de la mano de uno de los periodistas hispanos más reconocidas en la televisión de Estados Unidos. Ahora regresa a la pequeña pantalla y lo hace en español. “Rick … [Read more...]

Mike Periu on MiraTV

Mike Periu on Mira TV

Mike Periu was a guest on MiraTV recently discussing the Microsoft layoffs and the overall state of the economy. Watch the interview below (in Spanish) here. El prestigioso periodista venezolano Napoleón Bravo, en sustitución de María Elvira Salazar, conduce este programa informativo para analizar los últimos acontecimientos noticiosos, tanto en el panorama nacional como en el internacional. Además cuenta con prestigiosos invitados que analizarán estas temáticas. “María Elvira” se emite de … [Read more...]