2014 Is A Make Or Break Year For These 7 Startups

2014 will be an important year for many popular startups as founders will need to prove that a cool idea can also make money. 2014 Is A Make Or Break Year For These 7 Startups: Several companies have launched recently that offer innovative services and cutting-edge technology. Some of these companies have resonated with users, investors and the press to create a perfect opportunity for growth and long-term success. Many of these companies, though, still haven’t proven that they have viable, … [Read more...]

What Would Judge Judy Do?

She has been ranked more trustworthy than the Supreme Court, beat Oprah Winfrey in ratings and makes $47 million per season. Here are 5 things Judge Judy Sheindlin can teach you about success. December 06, 2013Judy Sheindlin, the New York family court judge turned TV star, is by all measures a great success. She is happily married. Her program, Judge Judy, is the number-one syndicated show on daytime TV with more than 9 million daily viewers. She even beat The Oprah Winfrey Show in ratings … [Read more...]

9 Buzzwords That Can Make You Sound Dumb

Are you guilty of using buzzwords like "pivot" or "bandwidth"? When used incorrectly or excessively, buzzwords can do some serious damage. Language reveals a great deal about a person. The words you choose, how you choose to say them and to whom you say them gives clues about your level of education, your comfort level, even your outlook on life. One of the worst language mistakes you can make in a business setting is using buzzwords the wrong way or after they've already “jumped the shark.” … [Read more...]

Be Like Bezos: 5 Lessons From A Business Icon

Jeff Bezos took Amazon from sales of $7,000 to $1 billion a week. A new biography, The Everything Store, shines a spotlight on his incredible accomplishments. Who is the most admired tech entrepreneur in the world today? Most people will reply Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs or perhaps Elon Musk. Fewer people would reply Jeff Bezos. After reading The Everything Store, a recently published biography of Jeff Bezos written by Brad Stone, however, my answer is Bezos. Bezos … [Read more...]

Dark Search: How Google Is Quietly Killing SEO

By encrypting users' search queries, Google is cutting off its search data supply. Without it, SEO could become obsolete. What's a business to do? Google recently celebrated its 15th birthday. Without question, it’s the most successful teenager in history. In just a decade and a half, the company has gone from an obscure startup founded by students in a garage to one of the most important companies in operation today. Google’s current stock price is above $1,000, and with a total market … [Read more...]