How Online Risks Could Destroy Your Business

Online Fraud

Your business probably has insurance against accidents and natural disasters, but when it comes to everyday online risks, you're on your own. The Internet is as risky as it is necessary to your business. Global e-commerce revenues surpassed $1 trillion last year; 144 billion emails are sent each day; more than 1 billion people are actively engaged on Facebook, and the majority of data collected for business purposes is relayed over the Internet. But the Internet has always been fraught with … [Read more...]

Obamacare Sticker Shock: Are You Ready to Pay Double?

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Obamacare will make health insurance premiums skyrocket. Start preparing now. The Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act, known as Obamacare, is about to enter the next phase of implementation this year. Despite the fact that we are only months away from significant changes to how we access health insurance, millions of people, especially small-business owners, aren’t clear about what the ramifications will be when it comes time to renew or purchase health insurance policies in the fall … [Read more...]

Online Calculator Helps Determine the Value of Your Possessions

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Finance expert Mike Periu shares a useful tool, a Online Calculator to help determine the value of your belongings in case disaster strikes. If a natural disaster struck and you lost everything, would you be able to provide your insurance company with an accurate estimate of what you lost? For many people the answer is no. The value of your home can be easily determined using publicly available information but what about your clothes? Furniture? Electronics? Most people don’t have an accurate … [Read more...]

Should I Buy Insurance When Renting a Car?


Finance expert Mike Periu on whether an insurance policy is a wise purchase when renting a car.  Should I Buy Insurance When Renting a Car? You may be among the millions of consumers who will be renting a car over the Thanksgiving holiday. One of the most expensive parts of renting is insurance policies that rental car companies offer, which can easily double or triple the cost of your rental. Before automatically saying yes to these policies, you should first call your own insurance company … [Read more...]

Small-Business Owners Feel Effects of Healthcare Reform

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Finance expert Mike Periu Small-Business Owners Feel Effects of Healthcare Reform Important healthcare changes for small-business owners. Health insurance companies are sending their 2013 renewal packages to their small-business clients. Small-Business owners feel effects of healthcare Reform. In addition to the renewal rates, a section titled "Health Care Reform" is included with a timetable of important changes taking place. Among the changes are requirements by employers to notify employees … [Read more...]