5 Money Saving Tools For Your Business

Capital is a business' lifeblood. Sure, ambition and willpower to make it happen both play equal parts. But without money to fuel operations, a business cannot hope to establish a solid base. As a smart business owner, conserving capital spending is essential for continued operations. Below are 5 tools that will help you achieve that and more. Laptops Upfront, laptops cost less than their desktop counterparts. A decent laptop powerful enough to manage payrolls, invoices, spreadsheets, and … [Read more...]

Get ready to throw out your old POS system

POS system

Credit card fraud is a massive problem. More than a quarter of all credit card holders in the world have been the victim of fraud during the last 5 years. 42 percent of U.S. credit card holders have been victims, the second-highest rate in the world (Mexico is first). Credit card fraud is easy to perpetrate for several reasons but it’s mainly due to a card’s underlying technology – the magnetic stripe. Using magnetism to record information was first invented during World War II and IBM developed … [Read more...]

Make your small business look good despite bad finances

Hiding in costume

Clients expect consultants and other professional services providers to be successful. If you're good at what you do, then you should have the bank to back it up. But given the financial turmoil of the recent past, there are many talented, hard-working people who are still trying to spend less than they make, negotiate their underwater mortgage and rebuild their credit scores. Their small business finances and personal finances are in bad shape and this can hurt them. It’s difficult to … [Read more...]

2014 Is A Make Or Break Year For These 7 Startups

2014 will be an important year for many popular startups as founders will need to prove that a cool idea can also make money. 2014 Is A Make Or Break Year For These 7 Startups: Several companies have launched recently that offer innovative services and cutting-edge technology. Some of these companies have resonated with users, investors and the press to create a perfect opportunity for growth and long-term success. Many of these companies, though, still haven’t proven that they have viable, … [Read more...]

Lessons From Detroit: How To Protect Yourself If Your City Goes Bankrupt

High Risk

How To Protect Yourself If Your City Goes Bankrupt. It's one thing to worry about your best supplier or customer going bankrupt. With Detroit filing for the largest municipal bankruptcy ever, things have just gotten riskier for entrepreneurs. Bankruptcy laws exist for good reason—three, in fact. They provide an orderly way for filers to acknowledge they can’t pay everything they owe, they provide creditors with the best chance of getting at least some of their money back, and they help provide … [Read more...]